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Meet the Team

Our team provides support and guidance to students through career exploration, career development and college preparation. 


Marinise Harris - Head of School


Fun Facts:
★ I am the funniest person that I know!
★ I have five marathon medals but I purchased them at a yard sale. You never know when they will come in handy!

Why CTE?
“CTE is more than just learning a skill. It’s about developing the skills and mindsets that will lead to success in the 21st century.”

Ms. LaTonia Angel - School Counselor


I’ve been a School Counselor for over 30 years. My students have always been my first priority. I believe all students have the potential to become successful in life. My role as the school counselor is to help students in the areas of academic achievement, career, and social/emotional development. Additionally, my goal is to ensure all students are provided the same educational opportunity.

Mrs. Gwen Hilliard - CTE Teacher


Fun Facts: 

★ I have pet a tiger twice
★ I can drive a semi & motorcycle
★ I have two cats – JJ & Sasha

My favorite things to do are: hang with my family, go to festivals, cook & bake, be outside, play with my kitties and go to the movies.

Why I love to teach: I love to mentor students and watch them achieve their goals.

Nicole Carlton - Teacher


– Medical, Business, IT, and Health Care Teacher for 10+ years
– 12 years of experience teaching in various settings
Fun Facts:
★ Health Information Management claim to fame: Implementation of Cleveland Clinic MyChart
★ I play ukulele (not well, but enjoy doing so!)
★ Delilah, my French Bulldog is my service dog
★ I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ice cream

Mrs. Gavlak - Math Teacher


★ LOTS of help and support!
★ Communication!
★ Making math realistic, fun and doable!

★ I have 3 kids that keep me very busy
★ I love the beach and warm weather
★ I’m a huge Notre Dame football fan

Dr. Mark Smyers - Science Teacher


I’ve had many unique job experiences including; rearranging fossils into different museum drawers, catching leeches by walking into a Mexican mountain lake, being driver and security to a Russian poet giving a speech in Las Vegas, walking a snake-infested jungle at night looking for caterpillars, park maintenance where I mowed a lot, being the driver for scientists on expeditions, selling toys at a local retail, moving people from one side of the country to the other, dish washer, a rat tickler investigating how they laugh, sanding and painting the decks of Navy ships, and transplanting the brains from ladybug beetles. I credit these amazing opportunities to having my high school diploma and the many choices to my life’s path that it gives especially when you are provided with a plan such as we do for you here at Pathfinder. I enjoy scientific research in both the field and laboratory and have tried to make educational science an exploration for all my students for the past 26 years. I have taught face-to-face, online and hybrid such subjects as Astrobiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and Histology. 

★ For fun, I share experiences and travel with my teammate Kivrin, a Shiba Inu. I like to walk to see where paths end and new ones begin. My favorite meal is kangaroo steak and I spend much of the year at the North Pole making toys while teaching science so if it’s snowing, you may find me out playing and exploring. 

Mr. Ketchum - Social Studies Teacher


What to expect from me:

  • A practical take on Social Sciences Stories with sage wisdom embedded
  • Patience and understanding (we’re all humans)

Fun Facts:

★ I spent the last two years in Alaska
★ I have 4 kids; 6 if you count the dogs
★ I’m a language nerd and am currently trying to learn German.

Why CTE?
I used to be an electrician at my last school, the most asked question was “when will I use this”?

Mrs. Jordan - Success Coach


What to expect from me:

  • Emails/Calls/Texts – Weekly!
  • Checking student attendance and grades!
  • Informing families on school events/information

Fun Facts:

★ I am the worst baker ever but love watching cooking videos!
★ I have TWO crazy toddlers!
★ I have 13 chickens that lay about 8 eggs a day!

Why CTE?

  • I have a passion for hands-on learning!
  • I went to my local Career Center when I was in High School.

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