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11th grade, tenth grade online high school

10th Grade

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Today’s High school students have grown up in the digital age and use online technology to connect and learn. They respond to an innovative and engaging curriculum. We offer a range of online public high school courses, including core subjects, honors and AP classes, and career readiness courses tailored to prepare them for life after high school.

In addition to general education courses, students will enroll in career-focused academies aligned to their college and career goals. With multiple paths to success, students can gain a competitive advantage against their peers, whether that includes college, career, or both.

Within each Learning Community, students can specialize in a program of study that connects with their interests, skills, and talents. No matter which academy a student chooses, they will develop essential workplace skills and have the opportunity to gain industry-recognized credentials related to their program concentration.

Students will specialize in their pathway and strive to earn industry credentials relevant to current, in-demand careers. Pathfinder’s credentials include Lean Six Sigma, Rise Up, Microsoft Office, and OSHA.

* Course offerings are subject to change and may vary based on school staffing.

Foundations of Success Academy

As students begin their journey with Pathfinder Career Academy, each student will spend their first two years of high school in the Foundations of Success Academy. Here, an emphasis will be on identifying personal strengthsinterests, and passions that build the foundation for their college and career path. One-on-one support with a success coach allows students to begin to explore the major they will choose to attend upon completion.

Career Discovery Academy

Not sure what careers you are interested in yet? In the Career Discovery Academy, students learn strategies and skills for lifelong learning and success. They will learn about career paths, industries, and job functions that will help clarify interests, goals, and aspirations. Students will develop interview skills and learn professionalism, communication, team building, networking, and negotiation. 

Career Exploration

Career exploration involves actively investigating and researching potential career paths in more depth. It goes beyond basic awareness and includes conducting informational interviews with professionals, job shadowing, internships, volunteering, and taking on projects that provide hands-on experience in a specific field.

Career Tech Club Participation

Participation in Career and Technical Education (CTE) clubs holds several significant benefits for students. These clubs enhance the overall educational experience by providing students with opportunities for skill development, networking, and practical application of knowledge. During the 8th and 9th grade school years, students will be encouraged to participate in various club meetings, ensuring exposure to several CTE pathways. During a student’s 10th grade year, students solely participate in club meetings related to their desired pathway. Lastly, during a student’s 11th grade year, they will have chosen their CTE pathway and continue participating in the associated club throughout their journey at Pathfinder.

Career-Based Intervention

Career Based Intervention (CBI) is a systematic approach or program designed to assist students in making informed career decisions and effectively transitioning into the workforce. These interventions provide guidance, support, and resources to help individuals explore, plan, and pursue their desired career paths.

Key Components of CBI:

  • Assessment
  • Exploration
  • Education
  • Goal Setting
  • Training and Soft Skill Development
  • Counseling and Guidance 

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an educational approach that focuses on active and collaborative learning through the completion of real-world projects. In PBL, students engage in an in-depth exploration of a complex question, problem, or challenge relevant to their interests or the curriculum. They work together to investigate, research, plan, design, and create solutions, often culminating in a tangible product, presentation, or outcome. PBL also allows for cross-collaboration opportunities between academic and CTE courses.

Future Fridays

Future Friday is a comprehensive idea aimed at preparing students for their future careers by offering a variety of resources and opportunities that focus on career exploration, skill development, and industry exposure. Future Fridays will give students dedicated time to engage in activities beyond traditional classroom learning. We designed Future Friday to help students make informed decisions about their educational and career paths, connect with professionals, and gain practical insights into different industries. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Videos: Live and recorded video presentations or documentaries that showcase different careers, industries, and success stories. These videos give students a visual and informative introduction to various career paths.
  • Guest Speakers: Bringing in guest speakers from various industries allows students to hear firsthand professional experiences and insights. These speakers may discuss their career journeys, share industry trends, and offer advice to students.
  • Sessions: Workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions focus on skill development, resume building, interview preparation, and other practical aspects of career readiness.
  • Events: Future Fridays may host job fairs, industry panels, and workshops highlighting specific fields of interest. These events allow students to ask questions, network, and gather information.

…and so much more! We welcome our students’ ideas and suggestions for Future Fridays at Pathfinder!

Career Counseling on Pathway Selection

Career counseling on Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway selection involves providing guidance and support to students in choosing a specific CTE pathway that aligns with their interests, strengths, and career goals. CTE pathways are structured programs of study that offer education and training in specific industries or career fields, such as healthcare, technology, engineering, business, and more. The CTE Coordinator, School Counselor, and CTE teachers will be crucial in helping students decide which CTE pathway to pursue based on their unique preferences and aspirations. 

Independent Study

In an independent study, students can choose their pathway, set their learning goals, and have input regarding their learning activities. This approach allows students to explore career pathways they are particularly interested in or to pursue more in-depth study in a specific area. Independent study will require prior approval by the Pathfinder team. 

Independent study will involve the following:

  • Personalized Curriculum
  • Research and Exploration
  • Job Shadowing


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training focuses on the origins of Lean Six Sigma and why organizations benefit from it. You will learn Lean Six Sigma roles, the 8 Wastes, the DMAIC improvement method, and the main tools and techniques used in the five phases of DMAIC. Students will have the opportunity to earn this specific certification during their 10th grade year.

Core Curriculum: Grade 10

  • Language Arts- English 10 
  • Math- Geometry 
  • Science- Biology 
  • Social Studies- American History 


We designed our Credit Recovery courses to serve students seeking to recapture credit for courses previously taken. Our credit recovery courses have the same scope and sequence as the original credit courses. However, some teacher-graded assignments have been removed from the course to accelerate the student’s path.


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