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The 5 E’s Concept

5 E's

The 5 E’s Concept

Pathfinder Career Academy is a comprehensive school that offers students a variety of pathways to success. Whether you want to enlist in the military, enroll in college, or start your own business, Pathfinder has the resources to help you reach your goals, known as the 5 E’s.

Here are the 5 E’s in more detail:

  • Exploration: Pathfinder offers a variety of career exploration opportunities for middle school students. These opportunities help students learn about different career clusters and discover their interests.
  • Enlistment: Pathfinder students who want to enlist in the military can receive help with the application process and preparation for military life.
  • Enrollment: Pathfinder students who want to enroll in college can earn dual credit in high school, allowing them to get a head start on their college education.
  • Employment: Pathfinder students can earn multiple certifications in high-demand fields, which can help them get jobs after graduation.
  • Entrepreneurship: Pathfinder students who want to start their own business can receive help with business planning and startup resources. 

The 5 E’s concept is a great way to help students prepare for their future. Pathfinder Career Academy is committed to helping students explore their interests, enlist in the military, enroll in college, get employed, and become entrepreneurs.