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Stand Against Bullying

stand against bullying

National Bullying Prevention Month

Though we at Pathfinder strive to create safe spaces for students, October draws particular attention to the critical issue of bullying. 1 in 5 students now report experiencing bullying behavior in school. It is a serious matter and has become one of the top reasons parents choose online schooling as they seek a more welcoming, kind environment for their kids.

  • Online schools remove anxiety in the cafeteria, hallways, or restrooms.
  • We provide an instructional environment where students can focus on learning.
  • We allow parents to choose their children’s social settings.
  • Most importantly, we focus on strengthening the voice of all students and families.
    • Advisory sessions led by teachers and success coaches
    • Lunch clubs and other online social opportunities supported by trusted staff members
    • Mentor programs
    • Ongoing family surveys to keep a pulse on your thoughts and opinions throughout the entire school year

October is a time to bring awareness to bullying prevention and raise everyone’s voice in this vital conversation. It may also serve as a time to evaluate how your child feels at school and what options are available.

Together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive online school.